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Focus on your organization;
Not your technology.

Managed I.T. Services For Everyone

Managed Services In A Nutshell

Managed I.T. support services are services provided by companies
like OpSec Consulting to supplement, or manage, all of your
technology needs. This includes everything from monitoring
your organization’s internet connectivity, to backing up all of
your important documents; from building an enterprise-grade
network, to keeping your technology up-to-date in a rapidly
changing tech-centric world. Our goal is to help your business
serve and engage your clients, without having to worry about
inefficiency of any kind. In other words; we focus on your
technology so you don’t have to. We are happy to work with
businesses in the Tri-State area and beyond.

“After months of evaluating several corporate identity firms,
we decided on OpSec Consulting. Hugely professional, OpSec spent
the time to do a “deep dive” with us to understand
 our unique needs and our portfolio of products
and services. Well done! Thanks OpSec!”

5 Advantages of Managed I.T.

We recognize that switching from an in-house I.T. department to an outside company is a big decision. Take a look at the 5 advantages to having all of your technology managed by a company, like OpSec Consulting, to help you go further in your industry.

Cost Savings

Reduce your overhead, reduce your headache.

From hiring personnel, to paying legal fees, to the simple needs of daily operational tasks; your overhead ultimately affects your bottom-line. Hiring a Managed I.T. service eliminates the need for an in-house I.T. department, and consequently, all of the costs that come with it, including salaries, insurance, and on-going training. Services like OpSec Consulting offer all-in-one solutions designed with your time and budget in mind, and work with you to obtain your goals without unnecessary spending.

24 Hour Monitoring

Each day might end, but your work doesn’t.

The last thing you need is for your business’s technology to become inoperable or go offline, no matter what time of day or night it is. Services that your organization provides may extend beyond the normal scope of 9-5, but you’re not always monitoring your systems. That’s where a Managed I.T. provider can be of great value: keeping track of all of your hardware, software and services 24/7 for optimal uptime.

Future Proofing

Technology is changing rapidly; can you keep up?

A major benefit of having a Managed I.T. company handle your tech needs is that you never need to worry about using antiquated technology. Your I.T. service provider can future proof your organization with the latest hardware and software to ensure sustainability. Whether it’s implementing advanced automation tools, outfitting your office with a new integrated network, or updating your Anti-Virus software, you can rest assured that you will have top-of-the-line technology.

Flexible Service

Adaptability ensures your success.

The practices you use today might not be what’s best for tomorrow. As industry standards, trends, technological advances, and niches change, your business will need to adapt to keep up. As it does this, your capabilities, resource, and personnel may fluctuate, causing you to evaluate how you approach your progress. A Managed I.T. service offers solutions as flexible as you are, accommodating your priorities and adapting to growth and change right along with you.

Expert Knowledge

Benefit from a team of professionals at your fingertips.

With increased levels of complexity in today’s technology comes increased levels of stress and anxiety, just to make sure your organization can function. Having all of your I.T. needs managed by an outside company instantly puts years of experience, knowledge, and best practices just a click, call, or email away. You can breathe easier knowing that when you need something done, it will be done right – the first time.

Top OpSec Consulting Features

(Included In All Packages)

Network & Infrastructure Security

Cybersecurity is one of today’s hot-button issues. With such high-profile breaches like Facebook and Yahoo, small businesses are understandably worried about their own security.

With every OpSec Consulting package, we include today’s leading-edge cybersecurity software for your network, emails, servers, desktops, laptops and mobile devices. In addition to the software tools, we also educate each of your employees on best cyber safety practices, including how to spot email scams, what types of websites to avoid, and how to create a strong password. We don’t want to just protect you, we want to work with your team to help them protect themselves too.


of cyber attacks target small businesses


ransomware attacks occur every day

Sources: Small Biz Trends, FBI

Office 365 For Business

Microsoft has continued to pave the way for more effective team collaboration, administrative tasks, and increased productivity with the development of Office 365 – the cloud-based professional solution for businesses of all sizes.

As part of our service, we include Office 365 for all of your employees. Your team will get access to standard applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as task management app, Planner, and the note-taking and organization app, OneNote. One of the major features and benefits of the Office 365 repository of applications is that it all lives on the cloud: no more single instances of each program on your computer, where you have to save files out, and handle them separately. Everything can now be shared, reviewed, and edited in real time from any device, anywhere, by anyone. Additionally, whenever Microsoft makes updates to their platforms, you get to enjoy the latest features immediately with no extra cost to upgrade.

Secure Sync: Cloud-Based File Management

With the advent of cloud solutions came game-changing tools and solutions for businesses. No longer hindered by physical devices, information can now be stored online, available for access anywhere in the world.

With each OpSec package, we make available to you our independent cloud-based file and storage management system, Secure Sync. Similar to services such as Dropbox and Google Drive, Secure Sync serves as file storage for all of your information, photos, videos, and other important documents. Unlike those other services, however, Secure Sync can be installed and configured on your machine to act as a physical mapped-drive, files can be version-locked, and individual users can be given specific access to specific files. Secure Sync also offers document previews and direct file editing, so you no longer have to download and upload copies every time you need to make changes.

Monthly Reports & Analytics

Part of running a business successfully is being able to determine if what you are spending money on is worth it. Having a managed I.T. service is no different. You want to know that the service you are getting is truly producing a return on your investment.

One of the standard features of all of our Infinity packages is monthly reporting and analytics. With these reports, you will be able to see everything from overall network health, to virus block counts, to employee usage and monitoring. Whatever you can think of that you want, we’ve got it. Ultimately, these reports will help you not just know the value you are getting from us, but also the value you our giving to your clients.

Client Center Portal

It can be frustrating to not know where to go, what to do, or what to ask when dealing with a technology related issue. Our goal is to remove as much frustration from you as possible throughout the entire experience.

Our client portal is a one-stop location for you to get the help you need from us, 24/7. You can access this portal with a personalized username and password from any device that you have whether Mac, PC, tablet, or smartphone. In this portal, you can submit service tickets, check on status updates, chat with our support team, find the support phone number, download applications, and more. It is easy, efficient, and convenient, to help you get back on track and focusing on your business instead of the technology running it.

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