On a Friday afternoon, business tends to slow down a bit. Rather than fighting that, in my view it’s better to embrace it.

Friday afternoons are a great time for your staff to do little jobs that don’t require much effort. Stuff they don’t find the time to do when they’re busy.

Like changing their passwords. This doesn’t take much effort at all, but could save your business from a potential cyber attack.

Here are our top three tips for robust passwords.

1) Have a unique password for each account. If you’re struggling to come up with a strong enough password, use something like: http://passwordsgenerator.net/

2) Change your passwords on a regular basis. Once a month is probably overkill, but once a quarter for critical systems is a good idea

3) Use a password manager. When staff don’t have to think about what their password is (as it’s filled in automatically for them), they are much more likely to pick random gobbledegook passwords… rather than their dog’s name

One important thing to consider though is your ability to cut off access to their work password manager the second they leave your employment.

It’s why we never recommend you use a password manager you find online; but rather use an enterprise version where you always retain admin access.

And complete control over who can access your data.