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Company Profile

We are OpSec Consulting

As a full service technology provider, we offer a suite of services including Managed I.T., Cloud Computing, VoIP Solutions, Hosting, and Low Voltage solutions across many different verticals. We specialize in managing technology for small to medium sized businesses, by introducing cost-effective business solutions that allow companies to focus on their core business, not their technology.

We inspire innovation: The creative cultivation of ideas that add value to drive growth and efficiencies in all aspects of your business.


Our Mission

To utilize proven strategies, methods and resources to deliver proven results, on time, on budget, and with excellence.

We are your IT, and Low Voltage Company. We cultivate a tireless work ethic while delivering excellent quality customer service. Count on us to always provide dependable, repeatable and predictable results. We pride ourselves in making sound decisions, both technical and business, that make sense to us and our clients. We provide effective promotion of teamwork, collaboration, and communication within our own company and with our clients. We respect the value of time and money for ourselves and our clients.

We Do it All

IT Services: Whether you need immediate help or are seeking an affordable and dependable IT support services partner, we are here for you. With a staff of certified technical support consultants and engineers, we have the resources and technical expertise to overcome any IT challenge, quickly and efficiently. We provide 24/7 support to ensure you can focus on running your business, not fixing it. From data backup and recovery to infrastructure planning and design, we provided efficient and reliable services to help your business succeed. Upgrade your managed IT services today!
Cloud Services: Cloud computing is changing the way businesses access and leverage their data and IT infrastructure. Our cloud services are more reliable than on-site office servers and give you the flexibility to pay as you go and only for what you need. Instantly gain higher levels of network uptime, security and IT services by having your information, servers, and applications in the Cloud.

Because We Are Experts

We started our company with some basic ideals—offer our customers excellent service, while delivering a positive customer experience. These ideals have helped grow our business and drive customers to our door.

  • We’re friendly, knowledgeable people. You’ll like our friendly style. But you’ll love the way we understand your technology.
  • We’re always available when you need us. You can count on us any time of day or night, seven days a week.
  • We move fast. When there’s a crisis, we don’t make excuses or point fingers. We just get to work on the problem and make it right.
  • We know business. We offer the complete package. We have the marketing and business savvy to understand principles like return on investment and accountability. We have the IT solutions that will not only keep your company in business, but help it be increasingly successful. We offer suggestions on how you can use a variety of marketing outlets to improve efficiency or increase sales. And we have the programming know-how to develop effective, user-friendly websites for your business.


Protect yourself from security holes, unauthorized users & devices, and rogue software.

Get in Touch for Best in Class IT Services 

Areas We Serve:

New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and California

(855) USE-OPSEC 873-6773