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The OpSec “Edge”

The OpSec Consulting “Edge”

Give your business the boost it needs to thrive with the OpSec Edge!
We offer a comprehensive I.T. solution.


Offering world-class support, we firmly believe that the business relationship extends well beyond a signed contract. With a staff of certified technical support consultants and engineers, we have the resources and technical expertise to overcome any I.T. challenge, quickly and efficiently. We provide around the clock support to ensure you can focus on running your business, not fixing it. From data backup and recovery to infrastructure planning and design, we provided efficient and reliable services to help your business succeed.

Service Level Agreements

As an added assurance, we offer your business service level agreements (SLAs) so you know what to expect when an issue does arise. Reducing downtime is critically important and we do everything we can to minimize loss, whether it’s time or resources. Because of our commitment to SLAs, our support metrics show 80+% of hitting our targets through phone support, chat replies, and ticket response. We take our service level agreements very seriously. Supported by consistent glowing customer satisfaction surveys, our staff proactively responds to and manages escalations with a tremendous sense of urgency and care.

We Speak Your Language

We know that the tech world has many words and terms that you and your employees may not understand. It is very important to us that you are comfortable with what we’re communicating. We’ll explain things in simple terms that make understanding easy.

No Surprises

There are many I.T. companies out there who will put you on a “contract” for monthly service. That’s not unusual. They’ll even lead you to believe that it’s an “all you can eat” contract by saying they do all on-site or remote support. What they don’t tell you is that they will charge you to install any new equipment. So, when a computer crashes, for instance, and you need a new hard drive set up, BAM you’ve got a bill for an extra hour of work and the cost of the parts. We don’t do that. Not only do we not charge for the labor to fix it, we INCLUDE the cost of the part. With our Infinity Elite package, we make sure that there are no surprises and that our customers know what to expect from our comprehensive solutions!

Protect yourself from security holes, unauthorized users & devices, and rogue software.

Get in Touch for Best in Class IT Services 

Areas We Serve:

New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and California

(855) USE-OPSEC 873-6773